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Welcome to Andy Ramirez' official website and our issues section. The issue addressed here is Judicial Reform.

Judicial Reform: Appoint an independent special prosecutor to investigate why the so-called Justice Department has been able to break the laws they have in the course of the “War on Law Enforcement” prosecutions in America’s courtrooms. Our judges did nothing to see the laws of the land were observed let alone provide impartiality in the trials. Many have allowed the government to play games, suppress critical info from juries, suborned perjury, ignored presentations of government improprieties, and protected allowed it all to happen in the light of day. An independent prosecutor needs to start at ground zero, the jurisdictions of the 5th and 11th Circuit Courts of Appeal.

To ultimately fix the judicial branch, we need a investigative agency with prosecutorial powers within the judicial branch to ensure judges do their jobs with impartiality and put an end to government lawbreaking. I'm as tough as anyone when it comes to crime and criminals, but I've also personally witnessed what the government has been able to get away with under the Bush 43 Administration. It's time to not only reject such improprieties, but put an end to such inappropriate conduct and practices forever. Placing bad prosecutors and judges in prison will quickly put an end to such criminal activities and bring a sense of justice back to the courtrooms.

We must have a Constitutional amendment providing term limits for federal judges. We do not live in the 1700s today as we did when our Constitution was enacted. Therefore, let’s modernize our court system and put an end to the abuses. The Senate can easily create a committee solely to deal with confirmation hearings for judges, so the J-Committee does not get bogged down with these hearings.

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