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Welcome to Andy Ramirez' official website and our issues section. The issues addressed here are Homeland/National Security including Border Security & Immigration.

Homeland/National Security: The defense of America, whether you call it domestic, national, or homeland security starts with our borders, coastlines, ports of entry, and waterways. Having established that basic premise, it’s clear that this is a matter of national security no matter how the open/no borders crowd tries to play the race card.

While our elected officials and candidates continue talking about employer verification, adding agents, zero tolerance, ending catch and release such talk alone is not enough. Yes, we must eliminate the job magnet, too. But to really begin to correct this weakness in national security, we must accept the fact first that it's all about securing America. Then Congress needs to clean house inside of all the agencies responsible for this duty. Our leaders have left America compromised knowing full well how we were hit on 9/11 and that is unconscionable.

The first individuals that must be fired, not just retired but fired, are Bush Administration holdovers: David Aguilar, Chief of the Border Patrol, Jayson Ahern, CBP Acting Commissioner, Tom Winkowski, Assistant Commissioner, Office of Field Operations (Customs), Marcy Foreman, Office of Investigations, and Michelle Leonhart, Acting Administrator, Drug Enforcement Administration to name an immediate few. They need to be replaced with law enforcement professionals who will not just play political games, but will remember their oaths to the Constitution and subsequently do their jobs and enforce the laws of the land.

Over the years I’ve read testimony from some of these individuals as well as their superiors and subordinates at DHS whose testimony conflicts not only with my own, but also with what Congress is hearing from sources. This is the same thing I have heard from my own sources in the field protecting America across the nation. I’ve long offered a challenge by swearing in David Aguilar and others and then swear in me, and witnesses I can put together and let’s see who is telling the truth for we clearly have conflicting facts and testimony. The written statements I provided to the House Committees on Homeland Security, Judiciary, and Foreign Affairs is available at the documents center on this website. Once we confront the conflicting testimony, then we can get to the rest of the business at hand.

Immigration, Legal & Illegal:: Many Americans are not opposed to legal immigration provided a person is filling a need an American is incapable of. But considering all the outsourcing of jobs, such as customer support for everything from airline reservations to various tech support positions, it’s clear while we consumers pay more, what we are paying is not being used to pay Americans. This is unfair and totally bogus. It’s no wonder our economy finally collapsed. The word illegal says it all, but here’s part of the problem. DHS shuffles agents around, including placing agents on details all over the place. While I'm on the subject of field agents, we need to either utilize air assets to keep an eye out on agents responding to sensor hits and working at night by themselves. I know what friends and sources say, but I am of the opinion that we should have two agents working together at night, one to cut sign, the other to observe and watch their backs. Arm them with the proper weapons and tools they need to defend themselves and perhaps we can prevent future loss of life.

Since I am on the subject, former CBP Commissioner Robert Bonner spoke in support of utilizing civilians with the Border Patrol. He was quickly shoved out the door and has not been heard from since. I believe he saw the same way to fix this as many others did. I'm not talking about placing untrained civilians, like the Minutemen out on the line, I'm talking about "civilian reservists" who can be trained for details not involving work that might be considered operational activities where agents are needed. We can then place agents in the field, and I don't mean on an "X" either. It works for local law enforcement, so why wouldn't it work for the patrol?

It is high time our government places the heat on Mexico to finally fix their economy instead of exporting their own work force as they’ve done all along. While we’re at it, how about letting out Naval and Coast Guard vessels do their job and go get all the boats trafficking humans from China and other places to America. The fact remains it’s not just Mexico exporting a work force, and not just the Border Patrol who has been handcuffed, and illegal because illegal entry, overstaying the visa, and what have you is all unlawful and against the law.

Ultimately, it is appalling that our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines die overseas while our borders, coastlines, ports of entry, and waterways continue to remain wide open.

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