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Welcome to Andy Ramirez' official website and our issues section. The issues being addressed here is The Economy & Trade & Commerce

The Economy: One of the biggest problems today is the amount of outsourcing jobs that has taken place. Yes, costs are what they are, but why are our companies not hiring American workers and putting Americans to work. It’s not as if the product is any more affordable using foreign workers, unskilled illegal aliens, or by outsourcing.

Another problem is the bailout. The government bailed out Wall Street, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, countless financial lending institutions, and Detroit for risky investments, loans, and bad management. But what did the bailouts really mean? It was not just simple restructuring with a promise to pay back the government’s massive loans. Reality as I understand it is Uncle Sam is now running those same institutions. We’ve seen other aspects of American life that the government has control over and failed our citizens in their so-called attempt to rebuild, restructure, or control, such as the borders. Meanwhile, the government continues their latest attempt at health care reform, though this version like the previous would require government run, socialized medicine, something that has miserably failed in Canada as well as the Department of Veterans Affairs. How many stories have been published or aired as to the failure to provide quality health care for America’s soldiers returning home from overseas wars? The VA’s have been a disaster, as many Viet Vets and Gulf War Vets will attest to, with facilities not far from the stone- age and limited access to what’s really needed as government bureaucrats have screwed that up. I like many other of our fellow Americans do not have health care coverage, and I have some serious health challenges including Multiple Sclerosis. However, as much as I need health care, I am not willing to go along with a bad plan just to have a plan. That won't improve my access to coverage or my quality of life.

Instead of trying to socialize everything by placing government managers in charge of America’s industries, why not do it the old-fashioned way, and bring America’s best and brightest together and together we can fix it ourselves? I may be wrong, but I’ll bet my fellow Americans can fix problems best ourselves just as we’ve been trying to do with “Homeland Security” since its’ inception (or should I say disastrous destruction). We also can't simply print more money to fix the problem, or raise taxes especially with an ongoing recession. That would hurt more people than it could ever assist. Most people want to earn their money and feel like they're a contributing citizen.

Trade & Commerce: This challenge could be fixed by ceasing to give every other nation our taxpayers’ money to the UN and foreign governments, many of whom are both unfriendly and do not have America’s best interest at heart. Furthermore, we must put an end to unequal and unfair trade between such “Most Favored Nation” status holding countries as Red China or “good neighbor policy” types like Mexico. Historically, Mexico also happens to be an unfriendly neighbor who courts despots like Hugo Chavez, has failed to improve the quality of life for their own nation citizens, and like Red China, have appalling civil rights records. Or in the case of Mexico, have narcotic and human trafficking elements embedded and operating in high positions of their government. Simply ignoring the problem as former Border Patrol Chief and current Congressman Silvestre Reyes has done in El Paso, unless a family member or crony is involved, does not do something pro-active for the U.S. or Mexico and only raises questions. Ultimately we have no business pushing trade and commerce with foreign governments and businesses overseas or with a neighbor next door like Mexico at the expense of our own national security. It's time we start putting Americans first.

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