2016 POTUS Election, Where I Stand…

Friends, here is how I see it… There is nobody worse than Killary Rotten in this national election for POTUS. Met her, know her record, etc… But as you all know, I’m not endorsing DJT. While many of my pro-border security friends have, and I love and respect them, I will not. Mr. Trump and I have yet to sit down face to face. You all know my level of expertise on DHS and border security.

Plus, I want a pledge that those LEOs who Bush 43 (via Johnny Sutton) screwed over in those BS prosecutions be pardoned. The list is Jesus “Chito” Diaz, Gilmer Hernandez, Gary Brugman, Noe Aleman, Hardrick Crawford, Celerino Castillo, AND Stephanie Mohr (only non-Sutton prosecution). That is it, solely them.

DJT has much to discuss with me to earn an endorsement, and as you know, my endorsements are earned not just given. I may “hold my nose” as I cast my vote in November, but I will not campaign for any POTUS campaign and thus shall remain #NoEndorsement

Andy Ramirez, Law Enforcement Advocate; Defender of the Border Patrol; Certified Expert on U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Andy Ramirez at the White House, January 2010

Andy Ramirez at the White House, January 2010

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