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Friends, just over three weeks ago, my family experienced what could’ve been a great tragedy, and instead became a miracle of rather biblical proportions. This involved my beautiful Jamie. We were blessed by the efforts of so many involved in her rescue, treatment, and recovery, and I can’t them all of them enough, from the 911 call, response, advanced life saving measures, and the subsequent hospitalization. We humans all had a part. But it was the Lord who through his love and mercy provided us this miracle.

This event follows my own recovery since September 2014 following my own life preserving triple laminectomy and fusion of my C-Spine, a surgery that was very extensive, and has impacted my life in the year prior to my surgery, and since then.

I do not believe Jamie  or I will ever be the same, though we are both well into our recoveries. How can one be considering the events are life altering.

As such, and considering a number of factors, the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council is going to be retired. Considering the lack of financial support in recent years, and the fact that I have been unable to devote myself to its’ mission fully since July 2013, I recognize it is time.

Through The LEOAC, we were able to expose so much, from Johnny Sutton’s Infamous House of Death, as documented, which includes the combined cover-up by U.S. DOJ and U.S. DHS., the U.S. vs. Chito Diaz (one of the ultimate political travesties to screw law enforcement over and all to appease the Mexican Government – and yes, all but one of the GW Bush era prosecutions were at the behest of a foreign government) , the culture of corruption, abuse, and security compromises inside DHS, and the information shared by DHS whistleblowers at meetings I facilitated July 15-17, 2013 – later published as a feature article by The New American Magazine.

I will always remain a law enforcement advocate having done so since 2004 when I founded Friends of the Border Patrol and began working with our brave agents many of whom have retired over the years along with my friends the Southwest Border Sheriffs Coalition, and their fellow sheriffs in the counties equally affected nearby. I’ve met so many law enforcement officers throughout America and know their sacrifices all too well and how they survive though under siege by the Bush and Obama Regimes.

There is not an officer, agent, other first responder, or family member of such who does not know that when the responders head out for duty may not come home at the end of their shift. However, I do. I’ve been out there with them, and have defended them from unjust prosecutions and terminations. I’ve seen our government at its’ worst turning heroes into bad guys and bad guys, human traffickers & drug cartel mules into victims. LEOAC defended them for many years, something I shall continue to do as able in continued gratitude for having been welcomed by so many as part of their families.

If you think the politicians care about you, some do, believe me, I know it well. However, the vast majority don’t and are lying to your face if when they tell you otherwise. Otherwise, they’d be holding the presidential administrations accountable for compromising our country and communities safety. Remember, President Reagan often compared it to the oldest profession and it not being much different, lol. In all honesty, there are many liars, thieves, and cheats in that world… DC is very much like Rome without the cool togas, lol.

One thing I shall be doing, besides getting back to doing my podcast show, is talking about my family’s miracle, and the importance of learning CPR. It does save lives. Perhaps that is why our family has been blessed, to share our story and help preserve others lives.

Thank you everyone for your years of support, love, generosity, friendship, fellowship, and prayers. God Bless You All… Andy

#StrongMiracle #FaithOvercomesFear #LearnCPR #ThankYou1stResponders

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