Trump Wall? Have we forgotten about Duncan L Hunter who actually built our SW Border Fence & provided the funding for technology & a secondary Road?

I hear all this campaign talk about the “Trump Wall”… and sorry, but I reckon we’ve all forgotten about the real fence built, passed into law, upgrades, with funds appropriated by Congress in 2006.

Actually, the border fence was the baby of retired House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Duncan L. Hunter who took on the Junior Bush Administration and Johnny Sutton on the border, bogus prosecutions against our BP agents and other law enforcement, and built the fence. It was Bush and Obama who sabotaged it inside DHS.

Mr. Donald J. Trump can talk all he wants here, but it’s more than a fence. It is manpower, technology, & the fence aka “bringing balance”. I know because I assisted Chairman Hunter along with a very dear friend who built it. Many can talk, but I know and worked with the very men who built it. All documented fact.

I testified several times before Congress in 2006 on that very legislative issue which included the fence. Chairman Hunter didn’t just talk about it, he built it…

Andy Ramirez, Law Enforcement Advocate & Expert Congressional Border Security Witness

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