Andy Ramirez Plan for the U.S. Border Patrol

This is my plan if I was Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, and with the help of my friends at the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO), we’d clean up the agency.

First, all David Aguilar cronies would be gone. Next, the PAs would be unleashed to do as they’re trained, our laws would be enforced without obstruction. The era of trumping up charges would end, screw up move up would end, we’d hire vets, not recruit anchor babies, and go back and review those hirings during the Aguilar-Fisher Era to ensure the proper background checks are done.

Next, we’d cease allowing USBP uniforms to be “Hecho en Mexico”, AND review the fraud and questionable issues involving infrastructure including SBI Net and all previous/post projects. I know the infrastructure when it comes to the patrol and we’d properly build the secondary roads at the border so vital to agent safety. I have friends who are experts that will manage these very projects and would be done right without political compromise, intrigue, or obstruction.

Then it would be time to undo all the Silvestre Reyes/David Aguilar doctrines that compromised our agents safety, arming our agents in the field to the teeth and properly stand by them AND tell the Mexican Government to stick it when they don’t like illegal aliens being apprehended or taken down under U.S. Laws.

Finally, as an agency demand justice for the Bush and Obama administrations’ targeting, compromising, and allowing agents to be prosecuted and/or murdered in the line of duty including Brian Terry and Nicholas Ivie. I’d demand full pardons for Stephanie Mohr, Noe Aleman*, Hardrick Crawford*, Gilmer Hernandez*, and Chito Diaz* (*victims of the infamous Johnny Sutton). Having investigated and worked all of their cases, including having led Ramos and Compean, I’m satisfied with the Junior Bush commutation of their sentences, the other cases were pure trump ups and have yet to gain justice.

Some issues I can’t address publicly given the obvious, national security, but these are the issues that I can speak on to some degree and level publicly.

It’s that simple – fix the agency, eliminate the problems and mess, and stand by our agents… Andy Ramirez, Law Enforcement Advocate, and Defender of the Border Patrol. ‪#‎HonorFirst‬

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