Why Kim Davis & Not Muslims? Political Target vs. Protected Class. Court Action Defines Separate AND Unequal Application!

There are many who believe that Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis was wrong and should have either been fired or gone to jail for refusing to provide license for same sex couples to marry. However, valid their thoughts and/or points may or may not be, especially when playing the “Separation of Church and State” card, the reality, legally speaking is completely flawed and without merit. Here’s why… Muslims would have to abide by the same law, including serving, providing services, etc… Otherwise, it’s the height of political hypocrisy and the class action lawsuit that comes from it would be victorious and upheld on the basis of discrimination by giving one class, Muslims, preferential treatment based on their “religious belief”… Also, those who claim their point is that Davis broke “the law”, actually it was merely a court ruling which was completely politically driven, is all that was violated, not an actual law. My appropriate follow up question is; Why didn’t a California Governor and California Attorney General go to jail for the same failure to abide by the law as Prop 8 was adopted by a majority of voters as official codified California/Public Law via State Ballot Measure. It is the same principle… You can hear more facts on the #AndyRamirezShow or read on my website, AndyRamirez.com… 

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