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Andy’s Blog: Response to Montel Williams Derisive Comment About Me…

Recently Montel Williams criticized me on his FB in a string for my profile picture which shows the Battle Flag. His exact quote was: “@andy your comment is as asinine as it is to have a confederate flag on your avi solely just to be angry. Folks like you are part of the problem in every possible situation rather than part of the solution.”

In my comment to Montel William’s Facebook post about the incident in Paris he stated as follows: “POTUS has spoken to both former servicemen (had to be done over secure line) who thwarted yesterday’s attack on a train in Belgium. The servicemen are quoted as having been excited to talk to their CiC (Commander in Chief)…” – I start here folks for this IS the point of contention, nothing else.

I responded as follows: “That may be the official story but I don’t buy that they (the servicemen) were excited to speak to Obama at all.” – It is after my response that he made his personal attack.

As such, I am responding… I know for a fact that most active duty and retired members of the armed services that I have spoken with, and seen posts from, are not happy at all with what is taking place in the military under Obama. This includes, via policies out of the White House, the complete destabilization of the Middle East; arming of our enemies, i.e. Benghazi; the Bergdahl trade for top level terrorists; and a whole lot more.

Fact: Obama’s record as president has been anti-military, and he has done all possible to prevent access to Christianity, while requiring observance of Islamic customs. Obama has also done all in his power to ensure infiltration by individuals who have known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (among other organizations), in our intelligence community, DOD, and DHS, among many other federal departments and agencies.

Perhaps these former servicemen were “excited” but to me, it seems like the standard propaganda story, and it’s obvious given the record of this administration, they’re being used as props as many others have. I’m certain these events were quickly scheduled given the very public lauding they rightfully received by (and from) the French Government.

Back to Mr. Williams… Montel has also ripped nonstop on presidential candidate Donald Trump. He may not like what Mr. Trump is saying, or his plan to address illegal immigration among other issues, but Donald Trump is addressing issues that those running for president, with one sole exception, have lacked the gonads to do. The only other candidate running for president at present with an outstanding record is Senator Ted Cruz. That is a documented fact.

Senator Santorum may have the grade he does from Numbers USA, but where was his help when fighting the infamous Johnny Sutton who protected piece of shit dopers and human traffickers? The House of Representatives joined me on that fight. Only Senators Cornyn and Feinstein opposed Junior Bush and put their names in writing, while the other 98 Members of the U.S. Senate did not sign their name for any victim of the Bush Administration.

Fact: It is my belief that most of the candidates for POTUS are long bought off. The fact is Trump has been correct in what he has said, which reads out of my own sworn Congressional testimony, briefings on Capitol Hill, and is what my sources in the various law enforcement agencies have reported for years. All documented facts!

Now friends, and to properly respond to Mr. Williams… I’ve busted my ass and received squat financially over my 23 years in the arena. It was never about money, though since 2003, I have had a family, including a daughter born in late 2003, and a son born in early 2011. What I have done is due to my love of country, i.e. “for God and Country”, and the recognition of what is being replicated today that people came to America to escape in the first place.

Fact: Two men (former USBP agents whose names I don’t need to mention) had their prison sentences commuted by Junior Bush on Jan 19, 2009 and we all know who fought to expose the bullshit in many of those cases.

Fact: My friend (and former Border Patrol agent) Chito Diaz, I’m certain, received a lower sentence than he would have otherwise received for the same reason. We exposed DOJ & DHS in the light of day and DOJ backed off at sentencing. Keep in mind, I’ve worked many cases and helped many agents and officers as well as their families.

Fact: I’ve briefed top Congressional leaders since 2004, AND have released many reports containing a plethora of documentation that can’t be found elsewhere. Plus, my reporting for The New American Magazine AND Liberty News Network. We’re talking endless corruption and internal compromises.

Fact: There’s so much more I’ve done that I have yet to disclose. Many know I’ve done so much at great expense to my family and as my family and friends can attest, my health.

I’ve earned my right to free speech for I may not have worn the uniform, though I would have gone U.S. Navy and tried to go OCS. The fact is the Navy recruited me heavily. My goal was Naval Intel. Such service would have well fit my family given my Dad who served in the U.S. Air Force (and what he did), my uncles who served in Korea and Vietnam in both the Marine Corps and Navy. One uncle was a Navy SEAL team member. My step-grandpa was a highly decorated grunt (U.S. Army) who served in the Pacific Theater during WW2, winning a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart. He suffered from malaria which affected him from the war until his passing in December 1998.

I come from a long line of family members who were bad asses, especially Grandpa Andy, and they honorably served our country in both war and peace. My knees kept me from joining the Navy, which was the result of multiple surgeries I had my junior year due to my participation in high school football.

When stricken by MS, my concussions, and spinal damage, which led to my retirement from my beloved sport of ice hockey, I returned to school and to this day am sitting on an AA. In 1993 I left Mt. SAC with my courses completed to run for public office and took on none other than Speaker Willie Brown personally. I’ve fought corruption for over 23 years at the highest levels of our government.

Again, I may not have put on the uniform, but I’ve served our country, too, and have maintained my oath of office as I was sworn to do when elected as a local political party chairman and nominee for the CA State Assembly in the 1990s.

I respect Montel’s service and what he has done for those with MS, and people like Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi. But one fact is that Montel Williams badmouths or engages in namecalling of anyone who disagrees with him, and is completely opposed to what experts like Senator Jefferson Sessions and me say about border security. Montel even plays the race card. Me, well personally I just ignore people. I don’t debate civilians who lack the information and experience I have. Those who want to believe the issue of illegal immigration is about racism are clueless because race has nothing to do with it. Are those other countless nations who enforce their immigration laws racist? No, it’s their rule of law. We have our rule of law.

In point of fact, not all Hispanics support open borders or amnesty. It is a fallacy and propaganda from those forces who continue to misrepresent the facts. We realize and understand the corruption that has long gone on in what for many is an ancestral home. It was corrupt when my family members from Mexico left there about 100 years ago, though it is far worse today.

In one of the pictures I’ve posted on Facebook where I have displayed the Battle Flag, I wear a Border Patrol hat. This is the very hat worn by the agents themselves as provided to me by agent friends. I also proudly display on my desk my DHS/CBP Keystone patch along with my official U.S. Border Patrol patch, both of which you find on agents’ uniforms. Many managers, who are now long since retired stated to me that I was part of the Border Patrol family, which I was humbled and honored by given that I am a civilian. I am equally humbled by a title I earned, “Defender of the Border Patrol” because I defend the USBP and have for many years. It’s the politicians and monkey boys like David Aguilar, who as Chief of the Border Patrol and later as Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection not only destroyed the Border Patrol from the inside, but compromised the employees under his command.

Agents work under the most dangerous conditions and face off against the Mexican Military, drug cartels, alien smuggling organizations (ASO’s/human traffickers), terrorists, and other dangerous individuals and groups who now freely have operationally control the South-West Border. It’s the politicians and individuals like David Aguilar and his superiors who surrendered the border, compromised our national security, and left the agents vulnerable to a point where they have been murdered in the line of duty, including agents like Brian Terry and Nick Ivey.

To address my displaying the Confederate/Rebel Battle Flag in the aforementioned avi that so offended Mr. Williams, notice I’ve placed it in a proper position under “Old Glory”. Many people have revised history to their convenience, especially those who won their wars. I do not see that flag as oppressive or representing slavery, especially knowing that slavery did take place on both sides before and during the Civil War itself. Even President Abraham Lincoln himself didn’t issue a definitive statement opposing slavery until late in the Civil War.

It is well documented that many leading Democrats were extremely anti-civil rights for blacks, including Lyndon B. Johnson who  not only prevented any civil rights’ legislation passage in the Senate, but also had no problem dropping the “N-word”. As a matter of fact, it was LBJ who stated, “I’ll have those (insert plural N-word) voting Democratic for the next 200 years” due to the passage and signing of the JFK pledged “Civil Rights Act of 1964.”  *(Source: Lt. Col. Allan B. West, U.S. Rep. 2011-2012).

The issue of racism, lynchings, murders, and other issues lasted far beyond the war, and though some choose to label it a symbol of such, the flag was a symbol of far more than that to many who fought and died during the civil war, and has remained to many as a symbol of heritage to many Americans white and black alike.

To me, Andy Ramirez, it represents many things, including a symbol of states’ rights, and we must also remember that states’ rights continue to be an issue to this day in the modern United States of America. The Gadsden Flag (Don’t Tread on Me) has being demonized, the term “Minutemen” has been vilified, the Cross and symbols of Christianity, and even Old Glory herself, the Stars and Stripes, are being demonized. Yet, the rainbow, which represents the covenant and promise from God to all flesh upon the Earth after the flood (Genesis 9), and has been distorted and reduced by individuals as a symbol of the LGBT activists/leaders.

Curious how so many claim conservatives are intolerant, racist, xenophobic/homophobic, and everything else that is said. Yet, it is not conservatives who deny the right to free speech and actually do enjoy civil debate on issues. As I’ve experienced firsthand, it’s the other side, who not only shouts down those who disagree with them, but when news cameras are not filming resort to violence and assaults upon others including senior citizens.

Am I angry Montel? About what I see our country being transformed to, yes. But I’m even more disgusted. I’m an American and I’ve fought corruption in our government for over 23 years, and as long as there is breath in me, I shall do so until my very last breath.

If you want to know what pisses me off… the issue of abortion issue. It’s not an issue of choice. That claim of choice has been there since the Supreme Court approved it. However, to the politicians and activists, it’s a form of contraception, in effect, abortion on demand. That’s what activists want, and the type of bullshit I heard firsthand when I was an officer in the CA Democrat Party. Of course this is the same party who has refused to allow Jewish Democrats to have their own caucus for years. They’ve tried to have a Jewish, Yiddish, and even a Fakakta Caucus all to no avail. Check out their website and you’ll see all the other groups that do. That’s not changed in the 20 years since I was Nominated for the State Assembly and was local party chairman.

Now to me, here’s where I get really pissed off. I’m a Daddy of two who experienced the miracle of life and witnessed the development of my children inside their Mommy, and eventually their births. These vermin, referring to Planned Parenthood, these sick bastards sell fetus body parts for money. These sick murderers are still in business, being funded, and have yet to be prosecuted. Unbelievable!!!

To Montel Williams, I respect and appreciate your service both as a Marine Corporal and later as a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD, and Commissioned Naval Officer, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant. I respect what you do for our servicemen, and those who need help, like Sgt Tahmooressi. I’ve long appreciated how you’ve strived to educate people about a disease that we both have been decimated by, Multiple Sclerosis. But do understand this, I’ve also served our country, though as a civilian, and I stand by the record I’ve built knowing it has benefited our country. Just as I respect your right to free speech, I ask that you respect mine and others. You and I can agree to disagree, but let’s do so as men who understand what it means to serve and defend our country, and remember the oaths we’ve both taken. Most importantly, let’s do so as gentlemen.

Andy Ramirez, Founder, Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council
Founder, Conservative Hispanics of America
Founder, Friends of the Border Patrol
Author: California Legislative Reform Act of 1996, introduced as Senate Constitutional Amendment 31 by State Sen. Ray Haynes.
Nominee for the CA State Assembly, 1994/95
Host/Producer: #AndyRamirezShow

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