Whinygate… Response to Deflategate

Okay folks… I’ve heard enough whining about “deflategate”… like the guys who used PEDs in MLB… bfd, it was not outlawed or illegal. Spitters were illegal in baseball, but countless guys now in the Hall of Fame used it. How many guys were the biggest alcohol consumers during prohibition, a clear violation of Federal law? The same lads are long enshrined in the Halls of Fame…

I played hockey, I had no qualms about stretching the rules it’s a highly competitive and physical game. If I was caught by a Ref, there was penalty time though someone else served it if I was in between the pipes (goaltending for non-hockey readers). No player from the minors (age 14 at minimum) to the NHL has not done the same. Whether filing your nails to a point, which becomes a weapon during fights, or that extra punch, an elbow or butt end when going into the corners, and we all file our stickblades down which are great for slicing and carving.

In pro sports they’re paid to win and it’s brutal when it comes time to cut and waive guys for the bottom line for the owners is – “it’s a business”.  I’m sick of the hypocrisy and the whining alike especially from losing teams AND so-called news personalities who have gone on about this while ignoring all the real crimes and misconduct by the biggest lawbreakers of them all, the politicians. Either they expel all the known rule/law breakers from the Halls of Fame or cut the whining bullshit and start putting guys in starting with Pete Rose who is long overdue… (c) Andy Ramirez, 2015

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