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Trump Wall? Have we forgotten about Duncan L Hunter who actually built our SW Border Fence & provided the funding for technology & a secondary Road?

I hear all this campaign talk about the “Trump Wall”… and sorry, but I reckon we’ve all forgotten about the real fence built, passed into law, upgrades, with funds appropriated by Congress in 2006.

Actually, the border fence was the baby of retired House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Duncan L. Hunter who took on the Junior Bush Administration and Johnny Sutton on the border, bogus prosecutions against our BP agents and other law enforcement, and built the fence. It was Bush and Obama who sabotaged it inside DHS.

Mr. Donald J. Trump can talk all he wants here, but it’s more than a fence. It is manpower, technology, & the fence aka “bringing balance”. I know because I assisted Chairman Hunter along with a very dear friend who built it. Many can talk, but I know and worked with the very men who built it. All documented fact.

I testified several times before Congress in 2006 on that very legislative issue which included the fence. Chairman Hunter didn’t just talk about it, he built it…

Andy Ramirez, Law Enforcement Advocate & Expert Congressional Border Security Witness

The Wall: Sound Byte & Fools Gold – The Question Nobody Asks POTUS Candidates

Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard is all the fool’s gold talk about the so-called “border wall”. It’s a freakin sound byte and nothing more. The only elected official who knew what the hell he was talking about when it came to the border fence was House Armed Services Chairman Duncan L. Hunter (Retired)… I know, because I was there in his office.

The wall means jack shit without interior enforcement. ICE melted years ago, while the Border Patrol was destroyed from within by David Aguilar who had cover inside Congress from his old boss and crony Silvestre Reyes who was so freakin’ dumb, he didn’t know the difference between a SHIA & a SUNNI when he became House Intel Committee chairman… It’s not just a wall or fence, but you need agents enforcing the law, properly constructed secondary roads, technology (including underground tunnel detection – which we tried to give to the Border Patrol on April 1, 2006, and was refused by Aguilar…

So people, you really need to understand what a farce the fence is and start asking the real questions, what are ANY AND ALL CANDIDATES GOING TO DO ABOUT DOCUMENTED INTERNAL CORRUPTION AND SECURITY COMPROMISES INSIDE DHS!!!!!

That is the question yet to be answered by ANY POTUS Candidate and ANY Congressman or Senator including Jefferson Sessions. He may vote right, but how many of you were there as I was in July 2007 when he entered the Senate Judiciary Committee Ramos and Compean hearing on Johnny Sutton’s side and only changed his position after hearing what the infamous Johnny Satan has to say in testimony AND even then refused to sign any letter to George W. Bush calling for the commutation of sentence. Even Cornyn and Feinstein both did that. I know, I briefed her staff personally AND I WAS THERE.

Sessions has yet to speak out against documented corruption that I have presented to Congress including his own office going back to 2005. Hell, he even had a DHS agent loaned to his staff that I was asked to brief though that was a conflict of interest. You cannot be a legislative aide AND be employed by the executive branch… Think about it, DHS is corrupt and I was supposed to brief not his aide, but a DHS employee on a loan to Senator Sessions???? This is all a fact, I was there…

Now start asking the real questions to political candidates & officeholders… This is why my public stance is #NoEndorsement