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Reflecting On My Years in the Arena

Was reflecting on my years in the political arena…

In all honesty, I’ve done the political thing since 1992 and as my family (including my folks can attest), it’s not like I’ve ever benefited in any way, shape, or form for my years of service.

Got shafted twice running for the CA State Assembly, by both parties, Speaker Willie L. Brown Jr on the DemonRat side, and Gary G. Miller on the GOPe side. Miller actually threatened to pull money (he’s very wealthy) if I was going to continue being supported by then Senate GOP Whip Ray Haynes in my 1998 bid for the Assembly, a seat I could easily have won. I did have name recognition after all. When Miller threatened to pull the money, I lost my endorsement, which was confirmed to me by the late wife of a then and since late State Senator. She was appalled considering I’d earned my stripes or spurs, and told me what happened at a State Convention. She even added, “Andy, the boys all have their hands in each others’ pockets”. I’ll never forget her kindness to me over the years and words of encouragement, may she continue to RIP. Even then, I barely missed filing my paperwork by less than a minute… Yes, I was that close – Always thought the Lord had a different purpose for me considering I was that close. He was right, I did.

Speaking of… want to put your family through hell, run for office. The lies and bullshit that gets spewed, as well as the hell a person and their family goes through are a total nightmare. I was 26 at the time of my first run and by 1998 at age 30, I’d been an insider without a pot to piss in since age 25 by that point, I was beyond disgusted and fed up with the endless lies, empty and broken promises, backstabbing, and backroom deals. Sometimes I believe the health issues that hit me hard after nearly losing my life (a struggle that went on from ┬áSept 13, 1996 til 2002) after being hit by a semi-truck forced me away from it for a spell (late ’98) and allowed me to grow further in a way so I would not take things so personal.

When I came back, who knew my next go round would lead me to the national stage. I was media savvy by then, but Network News, nationally syndicated radio, major daily newspapers, appearances as an expert witness before Congress, the briefings before top leaders, being sought out by highly experienced law enforcement officers at all levels… who would’ve ever thought that? The subject being national/homeland security in an area I really knew nothing about at the beginning, immigration law and border security. However, many took the time to train me for this endeavor, especially my mentor and friend, the late William S. “Bill” King, Jr, retired Chief Patrol Agent of the Border Patrol and the last living administrator of the 86 amnesty. It helps to learn from the very best… Thank you Bill & all the LEOs who took me under their wing and trusted me to do my role as I have known best to do inside the arena.

TO date, none of my non-profit orgs ever picked up anything resembling a major grant, unlike FAIR, NUSA, etc. Though, unlike them, and I’m not tooting my own horn as this is documented fact… I’m personally responsible for leading the fight against the infamous Johnny Sutton, which resulted in the commutation of sentence of the 2 former USBP agents I made famous who profited and benefited financially off my work and did not exactly tell the truth as revealed to me by one of them after they were in prison. This act, considering what the government did was far worse was the one proper act by Junior Bush on the last day of his presidency.

Don’t even get me started on the issue of Johnny Satan, the infamous U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas. He was there for one reason, to protect drug smugglers and human traffickers and turn law enforcement into scalps for the Mexican Government. Imagine if Jeb was POTUS and what we’d see happen and for the same reason. I believe and am certain that the Mexican Government owns the Bush clan. 41 was buddies with Carlos Salinas; 43 was owned by Vicente Fox, AND daughter of former illegal alien Columba owns Jeb to the point that he actually believes he is Hispanic and stated so under the penalty of perjury of his voter registration card. Five words to always remember here— #HouseOfDeathCoverUp

How many people know that my work also led to a lower sentence for former USBP agent Chito Diaz? He was, without question, innocent. This is why I support Presidential Pardons for ALL cases I worked excluding the two who received their justice in the form of commutation.

Then there’s years I’ve spent exposing the corrupt management, security compromises, and cronyism inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and so much more. My friends, the agents from the patrol, Customs, and Border Sheriffs know, as do those who have served or continue serving in DC and Sacramento and elsewhere… There are things I can’t talk about publicly, in essence, claim responsibility for documenting and exposing as a source whether it be on the Hill or behind the scenes with news agencies prior to my joining the JBS’ Liberty News Network, since absorbed into the parent The New American Magazine. My stories through LNN/TNA have continued exposing facts that were leaked to reporters beforehand.

Hell, I know I am part of the reason so many El Pasoans finally stood up and rejected the continued tenure of former USBP Sector Chief/SES Silvestre Reyes after about 15 years in the Congress. I’m equally certain that my work also led to the retirement of his subordinate in the patrol David Aguilar who was appointed by Junior Bush as Chief of the Border Patrol in 2004 and continued to rise to the position of Acting CBP Commissioner – key operative word there, “Acting”. Aguilar, with Reyes riding shotgun for him inside the Congress, destroyed the United States Border Patrol.

Think about this… for over 23 years, I’ve watched political hacks, policy wonks, spin doctors, and flunkies get elected and work legislative staff jobs, that I was clearly passed over for. Look at the body of work as documented by the media and available on my websites and compare it to some of the dolts who have held key positions in DC and Sacramento, in both elected and appointed capacitiy. It’s beyond appalling considering who and what I know from being on the inside.

Considering the last 2 years of sheer agony and physical hell I’ve gone through since my spine finally broke down that resulted in my surgery 13 months ago, I could easily have said enough and walked away. Instead, though limited, and my extremely modest pay per story was cut to a completely unlivable figure that covers nothing at this point, instead, I continue standing my post and bought entry level equipment and launched a podcast show. In all honesty, I could give a crap if I’m just pissing in the wind, or if it’s just appearing to be a hobby with no listeners. I refuse to look at stats or metrics, because if people want to know the truth the MSM / lamestream media refuses to report as they’ve been reduced from journalism to TMZ tabloid crapola, interested listeners can damn well get it from my show, and from top guests who do have the brass balls, and spine to come on air and report the facts with me.

Does my family need the money???? Damn right! My kids deserve it considering what their Daddy has done for God & Country. Hell, I wish I had the funds to let the kids do the things they’ve been unable to do. I’d also love to buy better equipment that would allow me to do an even better show.

We live off a teacher’s salary and I was even turned down Social Security though my body is a complete trainwreck especially since my surgery. Keep in mind I do have MS, Traumatic Brain Injury (the result of double digit concussions, and spinal injuries from hell that required life-preserving surgery. Meanwhile we give so-called “Refugees” and illegal aliens everything, but we stick it to our own citizens especially our Veterans… Talk about appalling and a freakin disgusting, F’d up sense of priorities by our government!!!

Want to know what equally pisses me off? Consider the appearance on 10/22/15 by Hitlery Rotten before the Gowdy Special Committee on Benghazi – I refuse to use the name Clinton as it is not a marriage, but a business arrangement and farce. Joint appearances are solely photo-ops and nothing more. Her statements before the committee, as they have been all along, were total lies and contradictions. If the GOP was serious, that panel would have Members like Judges Gohmert and Poe as well as Walter Jones and Marsha Blackburn serving. You’d have seen some real serious questions by people who know how to engage in “fact-finding”. You see how she acted? Key word there, “acted”. She was completely on parade and playing games with the cameras. What a contemptible piece of crap. Let’s face it, we the people know what Benghazi was all about. It was an Obama/Hitlery Rotten Black-Op arming America’s enemies, which is why Langley personnel were involved and our Armed Services were not allowed to respond. Ever see what “Puff the Magic Dragon” could do, which is a special mission USAF AC-130H aircraft. The individuals who subsequently murdered Amb Stevens and his detail were murdered instead would’ve been eliminated in seconds. Why were they abandoned? Their subsequent testimony would’ve revealed treason was committed by the administration. Best way to prevent that is to eliminate the witnesses, which covers up the crime. Something Hitlery Rotten well knows given the trail of bodies attached to her legacy.

Yes, I’m pissed off about much in life. As the famous Network character Howard Beale said, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!” That’s exactly why I don’t say to hell with it and walk away from the “Arena”.

“We the People” continue to need people who have the stones to stand a post here at home, “in the world” as our Veterans call it, and not just report the facts, but expose the lies by both DemonRats and the Dem-Lite Wing of the GOP in order to preserve our Republic.

How have I survived such corruption from the State House to the White House since 1992? Very simple, same way I’ve survived my near 48 years on this rock… Common sense and the light, guidance, and blessings of the Lord.

In the end, I’d rather be poor and have a free country with fellow patriots who continue to stand up and man that post in the name of the very freedom our veterans, first responders, and those who were murdered in 9/11 died for, so that their memories are honored and not betrayed.

For God & Country… AR