2016 POTUS Election, Where I Stand…

Friends, here is how I see it… There is nobody worse than Killary Rotten in this national election for POTUS. Met her, know her record, etc… But as you all know, I’m not endorsing DJT. While many of my pro-border security friends have, and I love and respect them, I will not. Mr. Trump and I have yet to sit down face to face. You all know my level of expertise on DHS and border security.

Plus, I want a pledge that those LEOs who Bush 43 (via Johnny Sutton) screwed over in those BS prosecutions be pardoned. The list is Jesus “Chito” Diaz, Gilmer Hernandez, Gary Brugman, Noe Aleman, Hardrick Crawford, Celerino Castillo, AND Stephanie Mohr (only non-Sutton prosecution). That is it, solely them.

DJT has much to discuss with me to earn an endorsement, and as you know, my endorsements are earned not just given. I may “hold my nose” as I cast my vote in November, but I will not campaign for any POTUS campaign and thus shall remain #NoEndorsement

Andy Ramirez, Law Enforcement Advocate; Defender of the Border Patrol; Certified Expert on U.S. Customs & Border Protection

Andy Ramirez at the White House, January 2010

Andy Ramirez at the White House, January 2010

Announcement Re: LEOAC

Friends, just over three weeks ago, my family experienced what could’ve been a great tragedy, and instead became a miracle of rather biblical proportions. This involved my beautiful Jamie. We were blessed by the efforts of so many involved in her rescue, treatment, and recovery, and I can’t them all of them enough, from the 911 call, response, advanced life saving measures, and the subsequent hospitalization. We humans all had a part. But it was the Lord who through his love and mercy provided us this miracle.

This event follows my own recovery since September 2014 following my own life preserving triple laminectomy and fusion of my C-Spine, a surgery that was very extensive, and has impacted my life in the year prior to my surgery, and since then.

I do not believe Jamie  or I will ever be the same, though we are both well into our recoveries. How can one be considering the events are life altering.

As such, and considering a number of factors, the Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council is going to be retired. Considering the lack of financial support in recent years, and the fact that I have been unable to devote myself to its’ mission fully since July 2013, I recognize it is time.

Through The LEOAC, we were able to expose so much, from Johnny Sutton’s Infamous House of Death, as documented, which includes the combined cover-up by U.S. DOJ and U.S. DHS., the U.S. vs. Chito Diaz (one of the ultimate political travesties to screw law enforcement over and all to appease the Mexican Government – and yes, all but one of the GW Bush era prosecutions were at the behest of a foreign government) , the culture of corruption, abuse, and security compromises inside DHS, and the information shared by DHS whistleblowers at meetings I facilitated July 15-17, 2013 – later published as a feature article by The New American Magazine.

I will always remain a law enforcement advocate having done so since 2004 when I founded Friends of the Border Patrol and began working with our brave agents many of whom have retired over the years along with my friends the Southwest Border Sheriffs Coalition, and their fellow sheriffs in the counties equally affected nearby. I’ve met so many law enforcement officers throughout America and know their sacrifices all too well and how they survive though under siege by the Bush and Obama Regimes.

There is not an officer, agent, other first responder, or family member of such who does not know that when the responders head out for duty may not come home at the end of their shift. However, I do. I’ve been out there with them, and have defended them from unjust prosecutions and terminations. I’ve seen our government at its’ worst turning heroes into bad guys and bad guys, human traffickers & drug cartel mules into victims. LEOAC defended them for many years, something I shall continue to do as able in continued gratitude for having been welcomed by so many as part of their families.

If you think the politicians care about you, some do, believe me, I know it well. However, the vast majority don’t and are lying to your face if when they tell you otherwise. Otherwise, they’d be holding the presidential administrations accountable for compromising our country and communities safety. Remember, President Reagan often compared it to the oldest profession and it not being much different, lol. In all honesty, there are many liars, thieves, and cheats in that world… DC is very much like Rome without the cool togas, lol.

One thing I shall be doing, besides getting back to doing my podcast show, is talking about my family’s miracle, and the importance of learning CPR. It does save lives. Perhaps that is why our family has been blessed, to share our story and help preserve others lives.

Thank you everyone for your years of support, love, generosity, friendship, fellowship, and prayers. God Bless You All… Andy

#StrongMiracle #FaithOvercomesFear #LearnCPR #ThankYou1stResponders

Trump Wall? Have we forgotten about Duncan L Hunter who actually built our SW Border Fence & provided the funding for technology & a secondary Road?

I hear all this campaign talk about the “Trump Wall”… and sorry, but I reckon we’ve all forgotten about the real fence built, passed into law, upgrades, with funds appropriated by Congress in 2006.

Actually, the border fence was the baby of retired House Armed Services Committee Chairman, Duncan L. Hunter who took on the Junior Bush Administration and Johnny Sutton on the border, bogus prosecutions against our BP agents and other law enforcement, and built the fence. It was Bush and Obama who sabotaged it inside DHS.

Mr. Donald J. Trump can talk all he wants here, but it’s more than a fence. It is manpower, technology, & the fence aka “bringing balance”. I know because I assisted Chairman Hunter along with a very dear friend who built it. Many can talk, but I know and worked with the very men who built it. All documented fact.

I testified several times before Congress in 2006 on that very legislative issue which included the fence. Chairman Hunter didn’t just talk about it, he built it…

Andy Ramirez, Law Enforcement Advocate & Expert Congressional Border Security Witness

The Wall: Sound Byte & Fools Gold – The Question Nobody Asks POTUS Candidates

Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard is all the fool’s gold talk about the so-called “border wall”. It’s a freakin sound byte and nothing more. The only elected official who knew what the hell he was talking about when it came to the border fence was House Armed Services Chairman Duncan L. Hunter (Retired)… I know, because I was there in his office.

The wall means jack shit without interior enforcement. ICE melted years ago, while the Border Patrol was destroyed from within by David Aguilar who had cover inside Congress from his old boss and crony Silvestre Reyes who was so freakin’ dumb, he didn’t know the difference between a SHIA & a SUNNI when he became House Intel Committee chairman… It’s not just a wall or fence, but you need agents enforcing the law, properly constructed secondary roads, technology (including underground tunnel detection – which we tried to give to the Border Patrol on April 1, 2006, and was refused by Aguilar…

So people, you really need to understand what a farce the fence is and start asking the real questions, what are ANY AND ALL CANDIDATES GOING TO DO ABOUT DOCUMENTED INTERNAL CORRUPTION AND SECURITY COMPROMISES INSIDE DHS!!!!!

That is the question yet to be answered by ANY POTUS Candidate and ANY Congressman or Senator including Jefferson Sessions. He may vote right, but how many of you were there as I was in July 2007 when he entered the Senate Judiciary Committee Ramos and Compean hearing on Johnny Sutton’s side and only changed his position after hearing what the infamous Johnny Satan has to say in testimony AND even then refused to sign any letter to George W. Bush calling for the commutation of sentence. Even Cornyn and Feinstein both did that. I know, I briefed her staff personally AND I WAS THERE.

Sessions has yet to speak out against documented corruption that I have presented to Congress including his own office going back to 2005. Hell, he even had a DHS agent loaned to his staff that I was asked to brief though that was a conflict of interest. You cannot be a legislative aide AND be employed by the executive branch… Think about it, DHS is corrupt and I was supposed to brief not his aide, but a DHS employee on a loan to Senator Sessions???? This is all a fact, I was there…

Now start asking the real questions to political candidates & officeholders… This is why my public stance is #NoEndorsement

Andy Ramirez Plan for the U.S. Border Patrol

This is my plan if I was Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, and with the help of my friends at the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers (NAFBPO), we’d clean up the agency.

First, all David Aguilar cronies would be gone. Next, the PAs would be unleashed to do as they’re trained, our laws would be enforced without obstruction. The era of trumping up charges would end, screw up move up would end, we’d hire vets, not recruit anchor babies, and go back and review those hirings during the Aguilar-Fisher Era to ensure the proper background checks are done.

Next, we’d cease allowing USBP uniforms to be “Hecho en Mexico”, AND review the fraud and questionable issues involving infrastructure including SBI Net and all previous/post projects. I know the infrastructure when it comes to the patrol and we’d properly build the secondary roads at the border so vital to agent safety. I have friends who are experts that will manage these very projects and would be done right without political compromise, intrigue, or obstruction.

Then it would be time to undo all the Silvestre Reyes/David Aguilar doctrines that compromised our agents safety, arming our agents in the field to the teeth and properly stand by them AND tell the Mexican Government to stick it when they don’t like illegal aliens being apprehended or taken down under U.S. Laws.

Finally, as an agency demand justice for the Bush and Obama administrations’ targeting, compromising, and allowing agents to be prosecuted and/or murdered in the line of duty including Brian Terry and Nicholas Ivie. I’d demand full pardons for Stephanie Mohr, Noe Aleman*, Hardrick Crawford*, Gilmer Hernandez*, and Chito Diaz* (*victims of the infamous Johnny Sutton). Having investigated and worked all of their cases, including having led Ramos and Compean, I’m satisfied with the Junior Bush commutation of their sentences, the other cases were pure trump ups and have yet to gain justice.

Some issues I can’t address publicly given the obvious, national security, but these are the issues that I can speak on to some degree and level publicly.

It’s that simple – fix the agency, eliminate the problems and mess, and stand by our agents… Andy Ramirez, Law Enforcement Advocate, and Defender of the Border Patrol. ‪#‎HonorFirst‬

Reflecting On My Years in the Arena

Was reflecting on my years in the political arena…

In all honesty, I’ve done the political thing since 1992 and as my family (including my folks can attest), it’s not like I’ve ever benefited in any way, shape, or form for my years of service.

Got shafted twice running for the CA State Assembly, by both parties, Speaker Willie L. Brown Jr on the DemonRat side, and Gary G. Miller on the GOPe side. Miller actually threatened to pull money (he’s very wealthy) if I was going to continue being supported by then Senate GOP Whip Ray Haynes in my 1998 bid for the Assembly, a seat I could easily have won. I did have name recognition after all. When Miller threatened to pull the money, I lost my endorsement, which was confirmed to me by the late wife of a then and since late State Senator. She was appalled considering I’d earned my stripes or spurs, and told me what happened at a State Convention. She even added, “Andy, the boys all have their hands in each others’ pockets”. I’ll never forget her kindness to me over the years and words of encouragement, may she continue to RIP. Even then, I barely missed filing my paperwork by less than a minute… Yes, I was that close – Always thought the Lord had a different purpose for me considering I was that close. He was right, I did.

Speaking of… want to put your family through hell, run for office. The lies and bullshit that gets spewed, as well as the hell a person and their family goes through are a total nightmare. I was 26 at the time of my first run and by 1998 at age 30, I’d been an insider without a pot to piss in since age 25 by that point, I was beyond disgusted and fed up with the endless lies, empty and broken promises, backstabbing, and backroom deals. Sometimes I believe the health issues that hit me hard after nearly losing my life (a struggle that went on from  Sept 13, 1996 til 2002) after being hit by a semi-truck forced me away from it for a spell (late ’98) and allowed me to grow further in a way so I would not take things so personal.

When I came back, who knew my next go round would lead me to the national stage. I was media savvy by then, but Network News, nationally syndicated radio, major daily newspapers, appearances as an expert witness before Congress, the briefings before top leaders, being sought out by highly experienced law enforcement officers at all levels… who would’ve ever thought that? The subject being national/homeland security in an area I really knew nothing about at the beginning, immigration law and border security. However, many took the time to train me for this endeavor, especially my mentor and friend, the late William S. “Bill” King, Jr, retired Chief Patrol Agent of the Border Patrol and the last living administrator of the 86 amnesty. It helps to learn from the very best… Thank you Bill & all the LEOs who took me under their wing and trusted me to do my role as I have known best to do inside the arena.

TO date, none of my non-profit orgs ever picked up anything resembling a major grant, unlike FAIR, NUSA, etc. Though, unlike them, and I’m not tooting my own horn as this is documented fact… I’m personally responsible for leading the fight against the infamous Johnny Sutton, which resulted in the commutation of sentence of the 2 former USBP agents I made famous who profited and benefited financially off my work and did not exactly tell the truth as revealed to me by one of them after they were in prison. This act, considering what the government did was far worse was the one proper act by Junior Bush on the last day of his presidency.

Don’t even get me started on the issue of Johnny Satan, the infamous U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas. He was there for one reason, to protect drug smugglers and human traffickers and turn law enforcement into scalps for the Mexican Government. Imagine if Jeb was POTUS and what we’d see happen and for the same reason. I believe and am certain that the Mexican Government owns the Bush clan. 41 was buddies with Carlos Salinas; 43 was owned by Vicente Fox, AND daughter of former illegal alien Columba owns Jeb to the point that he actually believes he is Hispanic and stated so under the penalty of perjury of his voter registration card. Five words to always remember here— #HouseOfDeathCoverUp

How many people know that my work also led to a lower sentence for former USBP agent Chito Diaz? He was, without question, innocent. This is why I support Presidential Pardons for ALL cases I worked excluding the two who received their justice in the form of commutation.

Then there’s years I’ve spent exposing the corrupt management, security compromises, and cronyism inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and so much more. My friends, the agents from the patrol, Customs, and Border Sheriffs know, as do those who have served or continue serving in DC and Sacramento and elsewhere… There are things I can’t talk about publicly, in essence, claim responsibility for documenting and exposing as a source whether it be on the Hill or behind the scenes with news agencies prior to my joining the JBS’ Liberty News Network, since absorbed into the parent The New American Magazine. My stories through LNN/TNA have continued exposing facts that were leaked to reporters beforehand.

Hell, I know I am part of the reason so many El Pasoans finally stood up and rejected the continued tenure of former USBP Sector Chief/SES Silvestre Reyes after about 15 years in the Congress. I’m equally certain that my work also led to the retirement of his subordinate in the patrol David Aguilar who was appointed by Junior Bush as Chief of the Border Patrol in 2004 and continued to rise to the position of Acting CBP Commissioner – key operative word there, “Acting”. Aguilar, with Reyes riding shotgun for him inside the Congress, destroyed the United States Border Patrol.

Think about this… for over 23 years, I’ve watched political hacks, policy wonks, spin doctors, and flunkies get elected and work legislative staff jobs, that I was clearly passed over for. Look at the body of work as documented by the media and available on my websites and compare it to some of the dolts who have held key positions in DC and Sacramento, in both elected and appointed capacitiy. It’s beyond appalling considering who and what I know from being on the inside.

Considering the last 2 years of sheer agony and physical hell I’ve gone through since my spine finally broke down that resulted in my surgery 13 months ago, I could easily have said enough and walked away. Instead, though limited, and my extremely modest pay per story was cut to a completely unlivable figure that covers nothing at this point, instead, I continue standing my post and bought entry level equipment and launched a podcast show. In all honesty, I could give a crap if I’m just pissing in the wind, or if it’s just appearing to be a hobby with no listeners. I refuse to look at stats or metrics, because if people want to know the truth the MSM / lamestream media refuses to report as they’ve been reduced from journalism to TMZ tabloid crapola, interested listeners can damn well get it from my show, and from top guests who do have the brass balls, and spine to come on air and report the facts with me.

Does my family need the money???? Damn right! My kids deserve it considering what their Daddy has done for God & Country. Hell, I wish I had the funds to let the kids do the things they’ve been unable to do. I’d also love to buy better equipment that would allow me to do an even better show.

We live off a teacher’s salary and I was even turned down Social Security though my body is a complete trainwreck especially since my surgery. Keep in mind I do have MS, Traumatic Brain Injury (the result of double digit concussions, and spinal injuries from hell that required life-preserving surgery. Meanwhile we give so-called “Refugees” and illegal aliens everything, but we stick it to our own citizens especially our Veterans… Talk about appalling and a freakin disgusting, F’d up sense of priorities by our government!!!

Want to know what equally pisses me off? Consider the appearance on 10/22/15 by Hitlery Rotten before the Gowdy Special Committee on Benghazi – I refuse to use the name Clinton as it is not a marriage, but a business arrangement and farce. Joint appearances are solely photo-ops and nothing more. Her statements before the committee, as they have been all along, were total lies and contradictions. If the GOP was serious, that panel would have Members like Judges Gohmert and Poe as well as Walter Jones and Marsha Blackburn serving. You’d have seen some real serious questions by people who know how to engage in “fact-finding”. You see how she acted? Key word there, “acted”. She was completely on parade and playing games with the cameras. What a contemptible piece of crap. Let’s face it, we the people know what Benghazi was all about. It was an Obama/Hitlery Rotten Black-Op arming America’s enemies, which is why Langley personnel were involved and our Armed Services were not allowed to respond. Ever see what “Puff the Magic Dragon” could do, which is a special mission USAF AC-130H aircraft. The individuals who subsequently murdered Amb Stevens and his detail were murdered instead would’ve been eliminated in seconds. Why were they abandoned? Their subsequent testimony would’ve revealed treason was committed by the administration. Best way to prevent that is to eliminate the witnesses, which covers up the crime. Something Hitlery Rotten well knows given the trail of bodies attached to her legacy.

Yes, I’m pissed off about much in life. As the famous Network character Howard Beale said, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!” That’s exactly why I don’t say to hell with it and walk away from the “Arena”.

“We the People” continue to need people who have the stones to stand a post here at home, “in the world” as our Veterans call it, and not just report the facts, but expose the lies by both DemonRats and the Dem-Lite Wing of the GOP in order to preserve our Republic.

How have I survived such corruption from the State House to the White House since 1992? Very simple, same way I’ve survived my near 48 years on this rock… Common sense and the light, guidance, and blessings of the Lord.

In the end, I’d rather be poor and have a free country with fellow patriots who continue to stand up and man that post in the name of the very freedom our veterans, first responders, and those who were murdered in 9/11 died for, so that their memories are honored and not betrayed.

For God & Country… AR

Why Kim Davis & Not Muslims? Political Target vs. Protected Class. Court Action Defines Separate AND Unequal Application!

There are many who believe that Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis was wrong and should have either been fired or gone to jail for refusing to provide license for same sex couples to marry. However, valid their thoughts and/or points may or may not be, especially when playing the “Separation of Church and State” card, the reality, legally speaking is completely flawed and without merit. Here’s why… Muslims would have to abide by the same law, including serving, providing services, etc… Otherwise, it’s the height of political hypocrisy and the class action lawsuit that comes from it would be victorious and upheld on the basis of discrimination by giving one class, Muslims, preferential treatment based on their “religious belief”… Also, those who claim their point is that Davis broke “the law”, actually it was merely a court ruling which was completely politically driven, is all that was violated, not an actual law. My appropriate follow up question is; Why didn’t a California Governor and California Attorney General go to jail for the same failure to abide by the law as Prop 8 was adopted by a majority of voters as official codified California/Public Law via State Ballot Measure. It is the same principle… You can hear more facts on the #AndyRamirezShow or read on my website, AndyRamirez.com… 

Response to Montel Williams

Andy’s Blog: Response to Montel Williams Derisive Comment About Me…

Recently Montel Williams criticized me on his FB in a string for my profile picture which shows the Battle Flag. His exact quote was: “@andy your comment is as asinine as it is to have a confederate flag on your avi solely just to be angry. Folks like you are part of the problem in every possible situation rather than part of the solution.”

In my comment to Montel William’s Facebook post about the incident in Paris he stated as follows: “POTUS has spoken to both former servicemen (had to be done over secure line) who thwarted yesterday’s attack on a train in Belgium. The servicemen are quoted as having been excited to talk to their CiC (Commander in Chief)…” – I start here folks for this IS the point of contention, nothing else.

I responded as follows: “That may be the official story but I don’t buy that they (the servicemen) were excited to speak to Obama at all.” – It is after my response that he made his personal attack.

As such, I am responding… I know for a fact that most active duty and retired members of the armed services that I have spoken with, and seen posts from, are not happy at all with what is taking place in the military under Obama. This includes, via policies out of the White House, the complete destabilization of the Middle East; arming of our enemies, i.e. Benghazi; the Bergdahl trade for top level terrorists; and a whole lot more.

Fact: Obama’s record as president has been anti-military, and he has done all possible to prevent access to Christianity, while requiring observance of Islamic customs. Obama has also done all in his power to ensure infiltration by individuals who have known ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (among other organizations), in our intelligence community, DOD, and DHS, among many other federal departments and agencies.

Perhaps these former servicemen were “excited” but to me, it seems like the standard propaganda story, and it’s obvious given the record of this administration, they’re being used as props as many others have. I’m certain these events were quickly scheduled given the very public lauding they rightfully received by (and from) the French Government.

Back to Mr. Williams… Montel has also ripped nonstop on presidential candidate Donald Trump. He may not like what Mr. Trump is saying, or his plan to address illegal immigration among other issues, but Donald Trump is addressing issues that those running for president, with one sole exception, have lacked the gonads to do. The only other candidate running for president at present with an outstanding record is Senator Ted Cruz. That is a documented fact.

Senator Santorum may have the grade he does from Numbers USA, but where was his help when fighting the infamous Johnny Sutton who protected piece of shit dopers and human traffickers? The House of Representatives joined me on that fight. Only Senators Cornyn and Feinstein opposed Junior Bush and put their names in writing, while the other 98 Members of the U.S. Senate did not sign their name for any victim of the Bush Administration.

Fact: It is my belief that most of the candidates for POTUS are long bought off. The fact is Trump has been correct in what he has said, which reads out of my own sworn Congressional testimony, briefings on Capitol Hill, and is what my sources in the various law enforcement agencies have reported for years. All documented facts!

Now friends, and to properly respond to Mr. Williams… I’ve busted my ass and received squat financially over my 23 years in the arena. It was never about money, though since 2003, I have had a family, including a daughter born in late 2003, and a son born in early 2011. What I have done is due to my love of country, i.e. “for God and Country”, and the recognition of what is being replicated today that people came to America to escape in the first place.

Fact: Two men (former USBP agents whose names I don’t need to mention) had their prison sentences commuted by Junior Bush on Jan 19, 2009 and we all know who fought to expose the bullshit in many of those cases.

Fact: My friend (and former Border Patrol agent) Chito Diaz, I’m certain, received a lower sentence than he would have otherwise received for the same reason. We exposed DOJ & DHS in the light of day and DOJ backed off at sentencing. Keep in mind, I’ve worked many cases and helped many agents and officers as well as their families.

Fact: I’ve briefed top Congressional leaders since 2004, AND have released many reports containing a plethora of documentation that can’t be found elsewhere. Plus, my reporting for The New American Magazine AND Liberty News Network. We’re talking endless corruption and internal compromises.

Fact: There’s so much more I’ve done that I have yet to disclose. Many know I’ve done so much at great expense to my family and as my family and friends can attest, my health.

I’ve earned my right to free speech for I may not have worn the uniform, though I would have gone U.S. Navy and tried to go OCS. The fact is the Navy recruited me heavily. My goal was Naval Intel. Such service would have well fit my family given my Dad who served in the U.S. Air Force (and what he did), my uncles who served in Korea and Vietnam in both the Marine Corps and Navy. One uncle was a Navy SEAL team member. My step-grandpa was a highly decorated grunt (U.S. Army) who served in the Pacific Theater during WW2, winning a Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Purple Heart. He suffered from malaria which affected him from the war until his passing in December 1998.

I come from a long line of family members who were bad asses, especially Grandpa Andy, and they honorably served our country in both war and peace. My knees kept me from joining the Navy, which was the result of multiple surgeries I had my junior year due to my participation in high school football.

When stricken by MS, my concussions, and spinal damage, which led to my retirement from my beloved sport of ice hockey, I returned to school and to this day am sitting on an AA. In 1993 I left Mt. SAC with my courses completed to run for public office and took on none other than Speaker Willie Brown personally. I’ve fought corruption for over 23 years at the highest levels of our government.

Again, I may not have put on the uniform, but I’ve served our country, too, and have maintained my oath of office as I was sworn to do when elected as a local political party chairman and nominee for the CA State Assembly in the 1990s.

I respect Montel’s service and what he has done for those with MS, and people like Sgt Andrew Tahmooressi. But one fact is that Montel Williams badmouths or engages in namecalling of anyone who disagrees with him, and is completely opposed to what experts like Senator Jefferson Sessions and me say about border security. Montel even plays the race card. Me, well personally I just ignore people. I don’t debate civilians who lack the information and experience I have. Those who want to believe the issue of illegal immigration is about racism are clueless because race has nothing to do with it. Are those other countless nations who enforce their immigration laws racist? No, it’s their rule of law. We have our rule of law.

In point of fact, not all Hispanics support open borders or amnesty. It is a fallacy and propaganda from those forces who continue to misrepresent the facts. We realize and understand the corruption that has long gone on in what for many is an ancestral home. It was corrupt when my family members from Mexico left there about 100 years ago, though it is far worse today.

In one of the pictures I’ve posted on Facebook where I have displayed the Battle Flag, I wear a Border Patrol hat. This is the very hat worn by the agents themselves as provided to me by agent friends. I also proudly display on my desk my DHS/CBP Keystone patch along with my official U.S. Border Patrol patch, both of which you find on agents’ uniforms. Many managers, who are now long since retired stated to me that I was part of the Border Patrol family, which I was humbled and honored by given that I am a civilian. I am equally humbled by a title I earned, “Defender of the Border Patrol” because I defend the USBP and have for many years. It’s the politicians and monkey boys like David Aguilar, who as Chief of the Border Patrol and later as Acting Commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection not only destroyed the Border Patrol from the inside, but compromised the employees under his command.

Agents work under the most dangerous conditions and face off against the Mexican Military, drug cartels, alien smuggling organizations (ASO’s/human traffickers), terrorists, and other dangerous individuals and groups who now freely have operationally control the South-West Border. It’s the politicians and individuals like David Aguilar and his superiors who surrendered the border, compromised our national security, and left the agents vulnerable to a point where they have been murdered in the line of duty, including agents like Brian Terry and Nick Ivey.

To address my displaying the Confederate/Rebel Battle Flag in the aforementioned avi that so offended Mr. Williams, notice I’ve placed it in a proper position under “Old Glory”. Many people have revised history to their convenience, especially those who won their wars. I do not see that flag as oppressive or representing slavery, especially knowing that slavery did take place on both sides before and during the Civil War itself. Even President Abraham Lincoln himself didn’t issue a definitive statement opposing slavery until late in the Civil War.

It is well documented that many leading Democrats were extremely anti-civil rights for blacks, including Lyndon B. Johnson who  not only prevented any civil rights’ legislation passage in the Senate, but also had no problem dropping the “N-word”. As a matter of fact, it was LBJ who stated, “I’ll have those (insert plural N-word) voting Democratic for the next 200 years” due to the passage and signing of the JFK pledged “Civil Rights Act of 1964.”  *(Source: Lt. Col. Allan B. West, U.S. Rep. 2011-2012).

The issue of racism, lynchings, murders, and other issues lasted far beyond the war, and though some choose to label it a symbol of such, the flag was a symbol of far more than that to many who fought and died during the civil war, and has remained to many as a symbol of heritage to many Americans white and black alike.

To me, Andy Ramirez, it represents many things, including a symbol of states’ rights, and we must also remember that states’ rights continue to be an issue to this day in the modern United States of America. The Gadsden Flag (Don’t Tread on Me) has being demonized, the term “Minutemen” has been vilified, the Cross and symbols of Christianity, and even Old Glory herself, the Stars and Stripes, are being demonized. Yet, the rainbow, which represents the covenant and promise from God to all flesh upon the Earth after the flood (Genesis 9), and has been distorted and reduced by individuals as a symbol of the LGBT activists/leaders.

Curious how so many claim conservatives are intolerant, racist, xenophobic/homophobic, and everything else that is said. Yet, it is not conservatives who deny the right to free speech and actually do enjoy civil debate on issues. As I’ve experienced firsthand, it’s the other side, who not only shouts down those who disagree with them, but when news cameras are not filming resort to violence and assaults upon others including senior citizens.

Am I angry Montel? About what I see our country being transformed to, yes. But I’m even more disgusted. I’m an American and I’ve fought corruption in our government for over 23 years, and as long as there is breath in me, I shall do so until my very last breath.

If you want to know what pisses me off… the issue of abortion issue. It’s not an issue of choice. That claim of choice has been there since the Supreme Court approved it. However, to the politicians and activists, it’s a form of contraception, in effect, abortion on demand. That’s what activists want, and the type of bullshit I heard firsthand when I was an officer in the CA Democrat Party. Of course this is the same party who has refused to allow Jewish Democrats to have their own caucus for years. They’ve tried to have a Jewish, Yiddish, and even a Fakakta Caucus all to no avail. Check out their website and you’ll see all the other groups that do. That’s not changed in the 20 years since I was Nominated for the State Assembly and was local party chairman.

Now to me, here’s where I get really pissed off. I’m a Daddy of two who experienced the miracle of life and witnessed the development of my children inside their Mommy, and eventually their births. These vermin, referring to Planned Parenthood, these sick bastards sell fetus body parts for money. These sick murderers are still in business, being funded, and have yet to be prosecuted. Unbelievable!!!

To Montel Williams, I respect and appreciate your service both as a Marine Corporal and later as a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis, MD, and Commissioned Naval Officer, retiring at the rank of Lieutenant. I respect what you do for our servicemen, and those who need help, like Sgt Tahmooressi. I’ve long appreciated how you’ve strived to educate people about a disease that we both have been decimated by, Multiple Sclerosis. But do understand this, I’ve also served our country, though as a civilian, and I stand by the record I’ve built knowing it has benefited our country. Just as I respect your right to free speech, I ask that you respect mine and others. You and I can agree to disagree, but let’s do so as men who understand what it means to serve and defend our country, and remember the oaths we’ve both taken. Most importantly, let’s do so as gentlemen.

Andy Ramirez, Founder, Law Enforcement Officers Advocates Council
Founder, Conservative Hispanics of America
Founder, Friends of the Border Patrol
Author: California Legislative Reform Act of 1996, introduced as Senate Constitutional Amendment 31 by State Sen. Ray Haynes.
Nominee for the CA State Assembly, 1994/95
Host/Producer: #AndyRamirezShow

Whinygate… Response to Deflategate

Okay folks… I’ve heard enough whining about “deflategate”… like the guys who used PEDs in MLB… bfd, it was not outlawed or illegal. Spitters were illegal in baseball, but countless guys now in the Hall of Fame used it. How many guys were the biggest alcohol consumers during prohibition, a clear violation of Federal law? The same lads are long enshrined in the Halls of Fame…

I played hockey, I had no qualms about stretching the rules it’s a highly competitive and physical game. If I was caught by a Ref, there was penalty time though someone else served it if I was in between the pipes (goaltending for non-hockey readers). No player from the minors (age 14 at minimum) to the NHL has not done the same. Whether filing your nails to a point, which becomes a weapon during fights, or that extra punch, an elbow or butt end when going into the corners, and we all file our stickblades down which are great for slicing and carving.

In pro sports they’re paid to win and it’s brutal when it comes time to cut and waive guys for the bottom line for the owners is – “it’s a business”.  I’m sick of the hypocrisy and the whining alike especially from losing teams AND so-called news personalities who have gone on about this while ignoring all the real crimes and misconduct by the biggest lawbreakers of them all, the politicians. Either they expel all the known rule/law breakers from the Halls of Fame or cut the whining bullshit and start putting guys in starting with Pete Rose who is long overdue… (c) Andy Ramirez, 2015

Returning to the Blogosphere!

Welcome to my official Andy Ramirez Blog, returning to the Blogosphere for 2015. You won’t find any political correctness or expedience here, or any BS spin. I report it as it is and connect the dots as is needed.

For over 22 years I’ve fought corruption and incompetence from the California State House to the White House. I’ve fought the likes of former CA State Assembly Speaker Willie Lewis Brown Jr, former CA State Senate President Pro-Tem Bill Lockyer and One Bill Gil Cedillo among countless others in my home state of California. On a national level I’ve fought the Junior Bush & Imam Obama regimes along with their appointed cronies including David Aguilar and the infamous Johnny Sutton.

I’ve founded non-profit orgs dedicated to supporting law enforcement officers defending America today, who often are the victims of bad prosecutions or being terminated for doing their jobs.  The U.S. Departments of Justice, Homeland Security, and State bent over backwards to foreign governments and as a result compromised U.S. Law Enforcement as well as National Security.

I will continue to expose corruption and misconduct as well as demand accountability from our government, which you’ll read here, hear on my podcast, and see in my reports for The New American Magazine where I’ve been a correspondent since 2010. Thank you in advance for your support and interest. and fell free to share my blog, which will be updated regularly so Stay Tuned… – Andy Ramirez