A Little About Mississippi

Mississippi is an extraordinary place filled with lifelong traditions, diverse regions, and deep roots. The Magnolia State is the top cotton producer nationwide. It is home to the Mississippi River, which forms a large part of the state's western boundary. There are various benefits and hindrances to living in Mississippi. Let’s review the pros and cons.

One of the benefits of living in Mississippi is that it has one of the lower cost of living averages in the nation, making the state an excellent place for those who want to settle down and begin a family. The median home prices are half those in most states. Mississippi also has one of the lowest average rent costs, though most residents choose to buy their homes instead of renting.

Mississippi is located on the Gulf Coast, making it vulnerable to major hurricanes. In recent history, the state has been hit by eight significant hurricanes, making it the fourth most active state in hurricane intensity. It can be a hazardous part of living in the state. Property damage and injuries can be extensive especially inside unsafe buildings that are poorly maintained by their owners. It is not uncommon for an injury lawyer will review cases involving substantial injuries after natural disasters.

Mississippi has a poor health infrastructure. The state's health care system ranks last out of all the states in the country in terms of access, affordability, and quality.

A southern getaway is not complete without good food, and Mississippi is no exception. The soul food staples of biscuits and gravy, collard greens, okra, and cornbread make regular appearances on Mississippian dinner tables. Mississippi is a Gulf-coast state, which means there is plenty of seafood to enjoy year-round.

To Live or Not to Live in Mississippi

Mississippi is beautiful, with many things to offer. There are several reasons to enjoy living in the state and a few drawbacks to consider. Ultimately, everyone must conduct their research before deciding whether they are a good fit for the state.